Luncheon Financial Supplement Review

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RIMS Luncheon - (Loss) or Profit        
DateLocationLuncheon Payments PayPal fees50/50 ProfitRestaurant ChargeOther Charges/door Prizes/music etc.(Loss) or ProfitNotes or extra fees
January 18, 2017Mr. B's1403-47.330-1886.59-500.89$50 room fee, charged separate for dessert
February 15, 2017Ralphs on the Park1445-50.5533-1256.6170.85
March 15, 2017Marcello's1095-50.5533-1154.79-77.34
April 19, 2017Mr. B's785-24.4613-1239.74-466.2$50 room fee, $3/soda/tea/coffee
May 12, 2017The Blue Crab2435-67.0272-1919.99-674.98-154.99
August 16, 2017Commander's Palace1375-46.9869-2374.82-977.8$25 bar fee, $25 room fee, $3/soda/tea/coffee
September 20, 2017Ralphs on the Park1065-35.7220-1287.5-238.22
November 15, 2017Mr. B's 955-33.3934-1636.61-681$50 room fee, $25 bar fee, $3/soda/tea/coffee,
December 13, 2017Commander's Palace1200-41.3980-3757.08-2518.47Holiday Luncheon $25 Bar, $3/soda/tea/coffee, $275 banquet room fee
January 17, 2018Flemings Steak House------Cancelled due to Ice Storm
February 17, 2018Ralphs on the Park1100-24.8528-1323.55-220.4$20 bar fee
March 21, 2018Flemings Steak House1610-46.9844-2515.42-908.4$150 for AV use fee
April 18, 2018Mr. B's915-33.0825-1318.58-411.66*Charges extra for coffee, tea, bar & room set up fees
May 18, 2018The Blue Crab3095-80.345-2205.88-723.97129.85Crawfish Boil